Friday, June 6, 2014

Use of Fluoxetine (Prodep) 40mg in an elderly women


My mother 87 years of age suffered an ischemic stroke last year...7 months already, and she still cannot walk. She was an active lady, she feels very sad and depressed. The doctor at the hospital initially prescribed 40 mg Prodep, which I did not administer, but now I feel she may need it.  Is this dose too high, also how long should I continue before she feels better. I am worried because she seems sad and refuses to eat.


Fluoxetine (Prodep) usually start in the dose 20mg morning. There is little evidence that Fluoxetine (Prodep) more than 20mg is effective for depression. However, large doses are effective for obsessive compulsive disorder or anxiety symproms.

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