Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sleepiness and tiredness and use of Animedox


We are married for 4 years and have a one son (2 years). I have a question my wife and me both having a symptoms like sleepiness even though has enough sleep during night , getting tired without doing any work at all , sudden anger for small reasons... we two are very much in to sex life and all time we try to keep it spiced up. but due to those above mentioned issues we are have some problems in keeping up the sex life. About 2 years back I was given a medicine called Animidox for same reasons. My question is can i use the same again for these symptoms ?


Since Animedox is a mineral supplement, there is no problem in taking it as your tirednes may be due to sub clinical anemia.  However, it is difficult to give an exact diagnosis without a formal assessment. Improving sleep hygiene may be helpful.

In  addition, sleep apnea can be a common cause for day time sleepiness.  Sleep apnea is possible if you are snoring during sleep. During sleep apnea you get low Oxygen levels in the blood due to blocking of respiratory passage. When you get low Oxygen levels then it can make you awake temporarily. This makes sleep less refreshing due to frequent getting ups. 

You can monitor whether you are snoring during sleep by using phone sleep noise recording apps. e.g. Snoreclock for android. Else ask from the partner.