Monday, January 25, 2016

Nasal blockade and severe cold

I am suffering from severe nose block due to severe cold .. already taken the following medicines as per Physician advice .. P-PPI 40mg, Levosiz 10mg Dolo 650,karvolplus cap, etc . the above mentioned tablets for taken for 3 days.. I also felt some how well. after a week when I returned from a short trip once again I attacked with cold and nosal blockage.. cant sleep well at nights. so I take above medicines without consulting the Doctor for another 3 days now.. but this time I could not seen the remedy as I had felt earlier. till now I am suffering due to this.. kindly suggest me for further steps to be taken. 


You may be having a type of viral influenza. You can take Nasivion or Decon nasal drops to relieve nasal blockade. Take two drops per each nostril and do not use it for more than twice per day. In addition, take the Levosiz 10mg tablets and Dolo (Paracetamol) 1g thrice per day. Since this is viral  it will take some time to settle and medication will only help symptoms. Take adequate rest and fluids.