Monday, October 28, 2013

Fluoxetine (Prodep) discontinuation

I am 26 years old suffering from Fibromyalgia from 5 years. Last year I met Rheumatologist and he kept me on Prodep - 20 mg. I took this about 1 and half year daily once. But from 6 months i donot have much pain, even though doctor is telling me to take the medicine. So i switched on to Homeopathy and it is working well. So i discontinued taking prodep 20 mg from a 15 days and suddenly i gained 3 kg weight and also my face and hands have been swollen. Please give me suggestion regarding this.


Prodep (Flucoxetine) cause loss of appetite. Therefore, discontinuing it may have increased your appetite, which increased the weight. Swollen hands and face may be due to homeopathic medications. Discontinuation of it won't cause such symptoms. 

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